StayCleanOne Evaluation System

Try for yourself before you purchase.

If you’re interested in the potential savings that the StayClean One beer line cleaning system can offer your venue, but would like to see the evidence for yourself, use this link to order an evaluation unit on a month’s free trial.

We will send you everything you need to install and run a single StayClean One unit in your cellar.

Start with a freshly cleaned beer line, follow the installation instructions and then see how long you can go without having to reclean the beer line. Compare that to the frequency at which you’re cleaning your other lines and then see how much beer you could be saving if all lines were only cleaned once a month.

You will need a 240v mains sockets for power. If that socket is more than two meters away from where the SC One will be installed, please let us know and we will send you a power cable extension.

Please complete all elements of the order form for your SC One evaluation unit.

£95.00 +VAT
Pipe Size
£0.00 +VAT

Installation is Easy!

Installation of a StayClean One system is both straightforward and easy. Each unit will take approximately 15-20 minutes to install, meaning you can fit a whole 6-line cellar in under 2 hours.

Each StayClean One system comes with easy-to-follow written instructions. Plus we have video walk-throughs, in case you have any problems.