The All New StayClean One


The All New StayClean One

StayClean digital beer line cleaning technology – the most advanced in the market – is now available at a price that every venue can afford.

The new SC One uses the same patented digital frequency technology as our market-leading SC Four products, as well as cellar temperature and run-time monitors.

Extend your beer line cleaning schedule to once every 4-6 weeks and massively reduce your beer wastage.

Typical earn-back on the cost of your investment is less than 6 months.

Save time, money and beer whilst improving the quality of your pints.

Created for the Smaller Venue

Created specifically to meet the needs of smaller venues, the SC One delivers the same beer line cleaning power as our larger SC Four units at a price that your business cannot afford to miss.

By limiting the build-up of yeast and protein biofilms in your beer pipes, the SC One helps extend the period between line cleans to once every 4 – 6 weeks. In addition to saving you time and money, a SC One will reduce the amount of beer you waste by at least 75% – all without affecting the quality or taste of your products.

See an instant impact on your profitability and get a quick return on your investment.

SC One: State of the Art Fully Adjustable

SC One can be fine-tuned to your bar set-up and features useful monitoring tools, including run-time and cellar temperature reporting, to help you optimise beer conditioning and maximise the period between line cleans.

Our technology has been tried, tested and proven in commercial use at larger venues for over 25 years. Our customer base ranges from pubs and social clubs through to golf clubs, sports venues and international hotel chains.

The digital frequency technology that we developed has been examined and proven to work by the University of Coventry, as well as satisfied drinkers across the UK.

We provide a no quibble 2 year guarantee for complete peace of mind – and with an earn-back timescale of under 6 months, you can be confident in your investment.

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The first self-installed beerline treatment product in the UK.

Market-leading digital beerline treatment technology from StayClean is now available at a price that every venue can afford.

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The StayClean One will have an immediate impact on your business. By reducing the frequency of beer line cleans to a 4, 5 or 6 weekly cycle you will achieve huge cuts in the beer wastage, chemical costs, water use and labour costs associated with this tedious task.
The conservatively calculated earn-back period on your purchase is less than 6 months and daily running costs are approximately 11p.

Use our calculator to work out how much you could save with a StayClean One installation.

How it works:

The StayClean One uses proprietary software to generate a phased series of low frequency electromagnetic waves. This digital wave field is passed through the liquid in the beer line, inducing a small electric charge in the beer molecules. This process helps to slow-down the build-up of yeast clumps, proteins and sugars that form biofilms and pollute the beer, which allows you to extend the period between chemical line cleans to at least 4 weeks.

The action of the StayClean One will also clean-out yeast deposits that have built-up on old and scored beer lines, extending the working life of dispensing equipment.

Easy to install:

All StayClean One devices have clear and comprehensive installation instructions in the box. You can find copies on our website at StayClean One Features and also watch our installation video on YouTube here: You Tube Video

The quick and easy installation process doesn’t require you to disconnect any elements of your cellar set-up. In the pack you will find one of our proprietary 3D printed StayClips which are designed to ensure a high quality and hassle free installation every time.

Fully adjustable for your cellar set-up:

The StayClean One is the first ever fully adjustable, self-install beer line cleaning system available in the UK.

Once your installation is complete, please refer to the accompanying set-up guidelines. This will help you to ensure that system performance is optimised for the length of your line, cellar conditions and the product you are serving.

All you need to know is how many pints between the barrel and the bar tap and whether it’s lager, bitter, smooth or cider in the line.

StayClean One also includes useful cellar reporting features, such as run-time monitoring and cellar temperature monitoring. This information can be used to identify any issues within the cellar and ensure that your beer is kept in the best possible conditions.

2 year guarantee and one month free trial:

Our StayClean One devices come with a comprehensive 2 year ‘no quibble’ guarantee – if there’s a problem with the equipment in the first 24months, you can send it back to us and we will repair or replace it.

We also offer a one month free trial – so you can try before you buy and get some first hand experience of the financial benefits available.

Before you purchase:

StayClean One is designed for smaller venues.

If you require more than 6 units please contact us for details of our professionally installed StayClean DS6 system, which is designed for larger venues – as this will be a more cost-effective set-up for your cellar.

Similarly, if there are more than 4 pints in the line between the barrel and the tap, we would advise that you consider a StayClean DS6 installation.

It is also sensible to discuss the installation with the person responsible for your cellar before you make your purchase, to ensure that all parties involved are supportive of the idea.

DIY Installation is Easy!

S One is the first DIY installed beer line cleaning product in the UK market. This allows us to provide our market-leading technology at a highly competitive price.

The equipment is quick and easy to install using our 3D printed StayClips and following our simple instructions.

Each SC One is designed to treat the beer in one barrel. Install the device between the barrel and the split in your lines if you feed more than one tap.

Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.