SC One Shop

Market-leading digital beerline cleaning technology from StayClean is now available at a price that every venue can afford. You can purchase online, here at the SC One shop.

The SC One is the first self-installed beer line treatment product in the UK.

Using the same digital wave generating technology as our flagship SC Four system, the SC One allows bar managers to increase the time period between beer line cleans from once a week to once a month.

By reducing the frequency of line cleans, venues save time, remove regular costs and minimise the amount beer they throw away, leading to increased profits at the bar.

Typical earn-back on the cost of the investment is less than six months and all SC One products are covered by a two year parts guarantee.

Save time, money and beer – increase profits – keep serving a great tasting pint.

The One Features

The new SC One uses the same patented digital frequency technology as our market-leading SC Four products, as well as cellar temperature and run-time monitors.

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Build Your System

Each StayClean One system is bespoke. Follow our simple 5 step guide to configure the perfect system for your cellar.

Evaluation Unit

Try before you buy. Request an evaluation unit for a month’s free trial and see for yourself how much you could save.

Spares & Parts

Need to add items to your existing SC One system. This is where you will find everything from StayClips to Power Supply Units.

DIY Installation is Easy!

SC One is the first DIY installed beer line cleaning product in the UK market. This allows us to provide our market-leading technology at a highly competitive price.

The equipment is quick and easy to install using our 3D printed StayClips and following our simple instructions.

Each SC One is designed to treat the beer in one barrel. Install the device between the barrel and the split in your lines if you feed more than one tap.

Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.